In response to the energy crisis of 1973, the mining company LIGNITOS S.A., now under 100% mallorquinish management and propiety, was founded by GAS y ELECTRICIDAD, S.A. (GESA), an electrical company that is also its parent company. This company is now an integrated company of ENDESA and it exploits the mineral deposits of lignite mining sites in the Mallorcan mining basin of Alaró-Lloseta.

After having overcome the energy crisis and having exhausted the exploitation of the Son Odre open-cast mine in the mid 80's and with the potential of the underground acetylene mine in decline, an alternative was planned for the activity of extracting coal toward the end of the decade and a promising field was chosen: decorative rock.

LIGNITOS S.A. works the "Mallorquí" marble limestone quarry in SON ODRE, located in the outskirts of Biniamar, with modern equipment using diamond-studded wire for cutting. The company cuts and transforms this rock in its factory of MARRATXI where the customer service center is located.

This marble, of a warm coloring immersed in the characteristic ochre tones of the Mallorcan landscape, has excellent characteristics (features) when it comes to the absorption of water, and to mechanical resistance to compression, bending, corrosion, and shock. Over the millenniums it has been the basic material used in the construction of houses and outbuildings of the entire territory located to the north of the Palma-Alcudia axis and has always accompanied the best sandstone buildings done in the South, in the area of the "marés".

The work done by
LIGNITOS S.A. in this field has meant that, for the first time in the history of this material, there is a great supply of it, at very competitive prices, which enables town planners, architects, developers, and the final user to count on noble, clean, beautiful, and long-lasting material that can be used as the framework or as the covering of any high quality of work, public or private.

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